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Did you realize that the rules of the Affordable Care Act change every year? With all of the changes you probably have more questions now than ever, with the first being “How can I obtain health coverage that is affordable?” The best way to answer that question is to get quotes from multiple insurance companies. However, those insurance companies do not know whether or not you qualify for a government subsidy. The burden is now on you to navigate the government marketplace AND the insurance company. All of this takes time and leaves you confused and frustrated. You can avoid this! Let my team help you navigate your way through choosing your health Insurance. We shop all of the insurance carriers for you both on and off the marketplace. We can tell you whether or not you qualify for a government subsidy, all at NO COST to YOU! I am your FREE consultant! I will put together a corporate style benefit package that meets your family’s specific needs and budget. I am paid by the insurance company – again, there is NO COST TO YOU!

In addition to health Insurance, we can help you with life Insurance and strategic planning as well as long term disability and long term care (something that everyone should look into). For clients aged 65 and older, NBP also offers Medicare supplements, senior dental and senior vision insurance.

Instead of spending your valuable time shopping multiple insurance companies, let us do the work for you! All you have to do is fill out the form below and we will use our insurance connection and experience to find the best health insurance package for you! I will provide you with several competitive offers, along with our expert recommendations – remember, at NO COST TO YOU!

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